How to use your POS to benefit from the Christmas shopping spree

christmas pos

The holidays are finally here, and now is the time of the year when you should be working towards turning Christmas shoppers into loyal customers. Here are a few tips on how to use your pos software to benefit from the season’s shopping spree:

  1. Implement a gift card program. If your business has not launched a gift card yet, this is the time to do so. People who receive gift cards usually spend $29 more than the value of the card. Gift cards are an amazing idea to boost your Christmas sales and gain new customers who might visit your store for the first time to exchange their cards for products. O-market allows you to define the card’s value, check the user’s balance, add additional funds to the card and even saves the card holder’s details in your database for future marketing usages.


  1. Create a loyalty program to retain the one time shoppers and encourage your customers to increase their purchases from your store. Merits app will help you create an affordable fully functioning loyalty program in minutes. You can tailor your program according to your clients profile and the goals you want to reach. Rewarding your customers for their purchases will help you improve the customer relationship and give clients a sense of satisfaction after they shop, knowing that they are earning merits that they can redeem later.


  1. Send out tailored offers to your best customers. Segment your customers according to their transaction history and target the valued customers only. You can use merits app integrated with your pos to get the history of what shoppers bought from you and then send them personalized offers through the app.


  1. Run discount campaigns. When your sales are high and when your customers need it the most is the optimal time to run discounts. However you don’t want your brand to be seen as a discounted brand in the market, that’s why you should be offering price cuts to selected customer groups which will help you increase your conversion rates and boost your business image. Existing customers appreciate discounts given to students, elderly, military personnel and educators. Omega’s software and Merits app allows you to create customer groups and give them special discounts every time they make a purchase at your store simply as they check in from their phones without the hassle and cost of providing them with special discount magnetic cards.


  1. Use your pos to optimize the results of your efforts. O-market, O-live and O-tel give businesses the flexibility to connect current promotional discounts and offers to transactions. The pos will capture the promotional transaction so that you’ll be better able to analyze the results. You can define how your pos tracks, analyzes and adjust promotions to generate more sales. Consistency in tracking helps to clearly correlate campaigns to their total sales and produce a more effective reading of detailed transaction history reports


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